February 2, 2023

The Senate has finally passed a bill to enhance benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. CBS News’ Jim Axelrod and Debra Alfarone speak with the American Legion’s Katie Purswell on what this legislation means for veterans.

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16 thoughts on “Senate passes burn pit legislation to expand health care for veterans

  1. They showed you how they really feel about the recruits this just a bone they didn't want to give until the backlash. Useful idiots is what they think of you . A Republican senator said they didn't pass it cause they were made at Chuck Shummer petty mother fxxkers.😆🐑😁

  2. Republicans voted against legislation to report any extreme-right Neo-Nazis in our Military. Vote Blue to take back our Country from these Fascists that our ancestors fought against.

  3. Thank you President Biden! Biden gave raises to the Military members, and is addressing the sexual assault and suicide epidemic in the Military.Biden declassified 9/11 documents requested by the victims families. Trump blocked any access to the documents, most likely to protect his Saudi buddies?

  4. Why 11 Senators Vote "NO" to Veterans. That Sad to See. But Thanks God for The Veterans Pac Act Is Going to Desk to President. We Hope That President Joe Biden Stand with Veterans for signing of This Law.

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