April 1, 2023

Check if your car was damaged with Car Vertical – 10% off here 👉 https://www.carvertical.com/gb/landing/britain?a=Matarmstrong&b=1e4c9523&voucher=Mat Adam Lz bought this rare 992 GT3 brand new in Florida in 2022 but only 2500 miles later it was crashed into. I fell in love with the car from watching the videos & when it turned up at copart for sale i knew i had to buy the . Only problem.. I’m over 4000 miles in the UK. ⬇️ FOR MORE CONTENT CHECK OUT MY 2ND CHANNEL ⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/@matarmstrongmk2387 THANKS SO MUCH FREDDY (TAVARISH) https://youtube.com/@tavarish THANKS FOR YOUR HELP SAM! https://youtube.com/@Samcrac ⬇️ […]

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