February 8, 2023

Faso’s military government has ordered French stationed in the West African country to leave within a month.

The decision, announced by the official Agence d’Information du (AIB) on Saturday, is the latest sign of deteriorating relations between France and its former colony since a second military coup in September of last year.

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11 thoughts on “Burkina Faso demands departure of French troops: Report

  1. Is it any Burkina analyst speaking fluent English to talk about what is really going on in his country.? It is about sovereignty, not about two block influence. France is treating former colonies with arrogance, nobody wants them in Africa anymore.

  2. This guy is not in touch with reality. Talking B. S .
    How can you speak about france Afrika relationship, with out mention of the 500 billion france have been taking from these African countries. . Some of these guys are chosen to come on these shows to speak a certain way and get paid for not speaking the truth. That means to lie if necessary.

  3. Don't be afraid of the US because the world is on the move and many countries especially African countries can survive without the US. In fact the US cannot santion the whole Africa and survive themselves. No African country is a permanent member of the UN council and connot use veto right so they need to rely on a strong partner with veto right 😜😜france is one of the most dangerous countries and is a real threat to Africans existence and our anglophone brothers don't get it.

  4. What a vague question: " …. will Paris and Washington allow Russia to take hold of Burkina Faso… " are both the former have any shares or legal rights over Burkina Faso or any part of Africa??

  5. They are now going to say Burkina Faso has turned into islamist separatist. Just watch the macron responds and his media in France 😂

  6. That is right the end results don’t match Democracy with the death numbers . No one blaming French it just isn’t showing good results.

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