February 2, 2023

After the 2022 midterms brought meager gains to the GOP, Democrats are now officially governing more Americans at the state level than Republicans. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the midterms and how they reshaped political power across the nation as partisan voting maps are re-evaluated. Melber in particular examines Michigan politics, where Democrats won both the House and Senate for the first time since 1984, and explains how Democrats’ surprising midterm gains could reshape the future of campaigns and American democracy. 

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28 thoughts on “As GOP flails over MAGA rebels, Dems surge by crushing rigged races

  1. Michigan whitmer proved herself during the pandemic. Biden has also done a commendable job. The Republicans have degenerated into a lunatic fringe waiting for the spaceship. I voted conservative/generally Republican for 48 years. Last election straight democratic.

  2. Republicans don’t like democracy . Republicans are only there for the money and power for themselves and the rich

  3. What is surprising, and also not surprising when looked at carefully, is how the US voting system is skewed away from genuine democracy of, for, and by the people, and toward democracy of, for, and buy* special interest and wealth.

    *deliberate choice of spelling

  4. Lol..I personally love Ari. He knows most of his audience has no idea how voting works. The fact there may be a larger population in one district that votes for democrats never enters his viewers minds. He knows this and plays off it.

    Representatives, represent their district voters. It's not a statewide popular voting game.

    Omg. He just said, voting is corrupt because racism. Genius. When you want to illicit strong emotions from a large crowd, racism. Brilliant argument, Ari. One I am sure your audience will listen to and believe 100%. I love this guy.

  5. The only considerations from the census used to draw district lines should be legal to vote and old enough to vote. No other metric is needed and adding more metrics leads to gerrymandering. Age? Not needed. Party? really not needed. Race absolutely not needed. But those all can be used to gerrymander a district.

  6. The most corrupt government in Australia the Jo Peterson gov in Aus did the same thing until an enquiry was held about the Police in the state of Queensland it also revealed massive gerrymandering that gave consistent power finally this was stopped now we have ballenced elections.

  7. The best gerrymandering the GOP does is get rural districts to support them. Democrats are all packed into cities and get a couple reps here and there, but they’d win just about every election no matter how they drew the districts if they were spread out more.

  8. Sounds like we need to find a way to outlaw gerrymandering and all other forms of "legal cheating." I'm talking actual legal consequences. Jail time and fines, not one or the other both make sure no one will ever attempt to cheat the voters.

  9. Lol let's see if msnbc has anything to say about the slave owners in Africa that sold their own people to everyone. And lets see what they say when you tell them Britain fought against Africa about them having slaves and Africa refused to stop. Msnbc you lie about history to spread your communist shaming trash on the weak and the youth of America. Cowards

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